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 i think the way you love.

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White people always wanna preach about “sharing cultures” but last time i checked, they spent half their existence sailing around the world murdering people for being different and brainwashing people to stop practicing their owns cultures while forcing assimilation to white culture.

Now you want everyone to happily “share” with you. LOL fuck outta here. 

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when you turnt af and wanna show off in front of the squad

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Fuck people who think it’s a compliment to tell me I’m “different” than other Black people because I “don’t conform to stereotypes.” Fuck you if you think it’s okay to throw my people under the bus to compliment me. You only “respect” me because you think I’m not like other Black people but I am. I absolutely am. They are me and I am them so either you love us all or none of us. And fuck you.

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When I find security, and what seems like stability, happiness always seems to run away from me.

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