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Little Dragon Test
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hmmm, now that i’m living healthy, i figure i may want to start working out, but like find a craft, i’ve been dancing for 12 years, so i’d fall back on that but i think i will take up some sort of martial arts, cuz that would be wayyy sick.

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when will beyonce give blow the attention that it deserves

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but also i am firm believer of haircare as wellness, like i have fond memories (even though i’m tender-headed) of my godmom and aunts doing my hair, and talking for hours and even when i’d do my god daughters hair, like that’s a form of love i think. 

but idk, maybe im just lazy, so i don’t wanna do that.

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"lowkey i can do hair but hate when my family and friends find out, they all like *gasp* can you do mines?
like i’m not finna be braiding for 8 hours for free bew."
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Yuna Coffee
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Hay Papi! New Photo Book, “Dominicanos,” Features Men Of The Dominican Republic



Famed photographer, Ernest Montgomery, has captured some of the most beautiful men of the Dominican Republic in a new photo book, Dominicanos.

“If I could be a destination, I would be the Dominican Republic. It has become my alter ego,” said Ernest Montgomery. His new book,…

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